“Let’s Play Holi With Our Dear Joli” « प्रशासन
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“Let’s Play Holi With Our Dear Joli”

१४ चैत्र २०७७, शनिबार

With our family and dear Joli, let’s play holi,
Without caring noli, dancing to the tune of soli,
Mind it! Unholy coronavirus is spreading again slowly,
Sitting with friends closely, let’s make this festival homely!

Let colourful holi bring a lot of positivity in our lives,
On the full moon day in the month of Falgun it arrives,
Bonfire, abeer and different colors save us from all vives,
With tender leaves and blooming flowers, the nature revives!

Funny friends frequently fight with their weak and warrior wives,
Frequent firing physical fights beautify their dull and tiresome lives,
In the evening just a day before joyful Holi festival Holika dies,
Prahlad’s faith and devotion in Lord Vishnu again largely thrives !

Not only of charming colors, Holi is also a festival of sacred love,
Let’s learn the lesson of peace, love and harmony from the dove,
Children throw their water filled colourful ballons at people’s drove,
Having drunk wine and ‘kusma’, let’s not give other people a shove !

Holi- a festival of yellow, blue, red, green and countless colors,
The vibrancy of colors erodes boundary between major and minors,
For the poor and unreached, let’s be ready to do the possible favors,
With our pichkaris and colors, let’s be ready to drench our neighbors !

Holi symbolizes the triumph of good over the bad,
Children’s happiness doubles with care from mom and dad,
The beautiful girls keep an eye on their suitable and smart lad,
Throwing colors and singing folk songs, everyone becomes so glad!

On the auspicious occasion of Holi, there is a holiday,
And I could wish my each upcoming day to be a ‘holy-day’,
Living far away from family and friends almost everyday,
I understand the significance of accompaniment nowaday !

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