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Oh, My Dear! Happy New Year !!

१ बैशाख २०७८, बुधबार

May you get rid of pain, trouble and every sort of fear !
From bottom of my heart, this is my wish for you dear,
Throughout this year, may pleasant words only pass your ear,
Being you and I quite near, our eyes will be free from tear !

The old years always pass; the new years always arrive,
Our mutual love, trust, affection and caring keep us alive,
During this pleasant time, our loving nature fully revive,
With New Year’s resolution, we all continue to survive!

I wish you a very brighter and joyful year ahead,
May your name, fame and success get widespread !
The New Year has plenty of happiness for newlywed,
May Almighty throw thousand of flowers in your bed !

Alone, neither you nor I, should celebrate New Year’s Eve,
Our sacred and untold love will reach a height, try to believe,
Your delicate hands around my neck, I do always percieve,
Oh dear, from my physical touch, you will certainly conceive !

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