Constitution Amendment in Nepal - प्रशासन प्रशासन
१३ असार २०७७, शनिबार

Constitution Amendment in Nepal

प्रकाशित मिति : 27 June, 2020 12:42 pm

The Cabinet clearly crafted a crucial act of new map’s pure publication,
The 258 lawmakers in legislation passed a perfect and right resolution,
The constitution amendment completed after President’s authentication,
The new political map of Nepal became officially a part of constitution!

The government formed a nine-member team for fact, evidence collection,
About our encroached regions, India is likely to harden its strong position,
Between Nepal and India, this dispute is likely to badly worsen situation,
Following all means, we must fight for our precious lands’ preservation!

After the publication of Nepal’s new map; in India, there is dissatisfaction,
With this, the conflict between Nepal and India has reached its escalation,
The two neighbouring countries must find this dispute’s lasting solution,
Through political and diplomatic move; it’s high time for neat negotiation!

Both the countries enjoy ages old cordial and peaceful bilateral relation,
To restore peace and tranquility, they must seat for clear communication,
The five principles of Panchseel can stop them from possible confrontation,
Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani undoubtedly are in Nepal’s fortification!

A great, splendid, historically successful was the task of constitution amendment,
This unprecedented move will save Nepal’s territories from India’s encroachment,
As a reaction, Delhi labeled this move of Nepal as an artificial area enlargement,
Returning the encroached regions to Nepal happily, will be for India’s betterment!

The nation, in the legislation, witnessed unprecedented scene of unified patriotism,
Forgetting all internal conflicts, the nation experienced pure and unique pacifism,
The Madhesh based party leaders urged all not to have doubt about their nationalism,
To this bold move of the government, all agreed; and from nowhere came any criticism!

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