A closer look at: Rape - प्रशासन प्रशासन
२३ भाद्र २०७६, सोमबार

A closer look at: Rape

प्रकाशित मिति : 9 September, 2019 10:30 am

The humanity has died for sure the day a daughter is raped in her own home. The intolerable news headlines scrolls down the social media. My blood boils when my eyes go through the news lines ‘Father raped his daughter’, ‘Grandfather repeatedly raped his granddaughter’, ‘A mentally ill woman got raped’, ‘Teacher sued for raping his girl student’. Girl children, young girls, women, old aged grandmothers are abducted, gang-raped, murdered and buried.

A beautiful smile of seven year young angel is killed by seven devils. In  her very young blooming age of seven to play with toys,  her each body part is played, slapped, smacked, punched and assaulted by monsters in the lust of joy. A journey of thirteen years, a dream embellished for those thirteen years is ruined in thirteen minutes.  A woman is assaulted, her responsibilities, priorities are broken. A grandmother is molested and abused to death at the old age.

For most of human history, marriage has been misinterpreted as a contract where the wives are taken as the property of their husbands. The wife thinks she has to ‘consent to sex’ and thus sexual relations at any time are an entitlement by the husband. Marital rape is a serious and frequently occurring form of domestic violence. Many cases of marital rapes have gone unreported because speaking of sex is a taboo and wives are ashamed to open up. Some cases in central Terai regions and remote hilly areas remain hidden where a woman don’t even realize being sexually violated by her husband. The women have still misunderstood sex as ‘an obligation to devote their body to the husband’ not ‘desire’.

Rape has long been considered as one of the worst of crimes. It is a deeply violating and painful experience for the survivor. The victims shout for justice but the conviction rate is low. Political powers and financial pressures protect the rapist. The perpetrator has influence, the complaint is often not registered, there’s evidence-tampering, and the investigation is weak. The rapist lives with dignity holding their head up.  These days, it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist. Actually, there can be no justice for rape because her soul is raped. Nothing can heal the fragmented emotions, hurt feelings and those broken hearts? Not the repetition of the casualty with any other girl again will give her soul rest in peace. However, the repetition of similar cases throughout the country reflects the ultimate injustice.

Take a minute and think why a girl is raped? Every parent teaches their daughter to be cool, soothing, quiet and steady. She is said to stay calm and passive. She is not out going to manage the things at home. She is less likely to participate in sports, body building and martial arts. On the other hand son is motivated to be strong and aggressive. Consequently daughter lacks confidence and develops the concept that she can’t encounter, defend and kill. Sister in the same house is prohibited to walk alone outside at night to be escape from the rapist. But the brother is openly allowed to stay late outside. He develops himself being an extrovert and outgoing. Men develop illusion that women are patient and wouldn’t resort to violence. Yes, the schooling is biased!

Why don’t we train and educate our daughters to be bold, independent, brave, fierce, heroic and reckless? Why not up skill and empower them with confidence and hostility? Why not parents motivate their daughter to encounter and defend the attacks? Why not respect the womanhood to emanate their confidence and assertiveness wherever they go? Why not let women enjoy being independent, self-assured, and mentally and physically strong?  Why not empower woman to stand up for herself so that she doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back looking pitiful.

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