अधिकृत प्रथमपत्र : Syntactic ability « प्रशासन

अधिकृत प्रथमपत्र : Syntactic ability

प्रकाशित मिति : २९ जेष्ठ २०७६, बुधबार ०६:५८

Conditional Sentences:

1.He could go for a long drive if it ………… sunny.

a. is                         b) was

c) had been      d) were

2. He ……… for a long drive today if the weather had been sunny.

a. would go                         b) had gone

c) would had gone   d) would have gone

3. What …….if you were bitten by a poisonous snake?

a.were you do             b) would you have done

c) would you had done d) would you do

4. If you heat water……….

a) it would boil             b) it could boil

c) it boils d) it boiled

5. …………. I completed the work, I would have left earlier.

a) Had                         b) Have had

c)were                         d) Have

6.He looks as if he………sick.

a) had been             b) was

c) were     d) is

7. He talked about the competition as if he ………..part in it.

a) had taken b) took

c) takes d) has taken

8. You will succeed if you ………hard.

a) works                         b) work

c) will work                d) had worked

9. Wear helmet……. you will have an accident

a) if                                     b) incase

c) unless                          d) provided that

10. Which of the following is incorrect?

a) The magnets will repel if the same poles are brought together.

b) The cat will scratch you provided that you pull the tail of it.

c) I often reach home at 8:30 pm provided that I catch the bus at 8:00 o’ clock.

d) Were I air, I would go there.


1)d [ Rule: If + sub+ simple past tense …….+ would/could/might + V1……..]

2) d [ Rule: If + sub+ Past perfect ………+ would/could/might/ + have + V3……]

3) d [Rule: If + sub+ simple past tense …….+ would/could/might + V1……..]

4) c [ Rule: If + V1/V5( with truth)                 V1/V5( universal truth/fact)

5) a [Rule: If + sub+ Past perfect ………+ would/could/might/ + have + V3…… But here conditional sentence is written without the expression ‘if’. It can be done by putting the auxiliary verb at the beginning of the sentences.]

6) c [ Rule for expression ‘as of’/ ‘as though’: If the verb is in present tense in the first clause the verb in the next clause should be in past tense ]

7) a [Rule for expression ‘as of’/ ‘as though’: If verb in the first clause is in past tense, use a past perfect tense in the next clause.]

8) b [ Rule for prediction expression : If + present tense will/shall/may/can+ V1

9) b [ Rule: ‘If’ shows condition, incase doesn’t shows condition but it shows precaution/ advance preparation.]

1o) a [correct answer: ‘magnets repel’ not ‘magnets will repel’.(universal truth) & we can use expression ‘provided that’ instead of ‘If’.



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