It is not just completing your work, It is about doing it with excellence. - प्रशासन प्रशासन
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It is not just completing your work, It is about doing it with excellence.

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A work is defined as the activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result. Human labor who is employed, un- employed or under-employed, they are engaging in different types of work. It may be creative work, house work, manual work, paid work or job.

The quality of being outstanding or extremely good is called excellence. Excellence in the workplace is related to the career success. It is related to quality and better service of organization. Every organization has their own goals and objectives. To reach the goal, they have to do excellence work. Just go to office and complete your job, get salary that is not enough. Every job holders have their own role and responsibility which is related to quality service of the organization. If an employee do well that is his/her excellence and their excellence is related to the organization’s excellence or output.

In most of the organization, an employee has given their job description, which is a list that a person might use for general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. It may often include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, or a salary range.

In some organization, some people do not think about the excellence work. They just finished their work and do not like to learn from mistakes. They do not like to take responsibilities. Then they never progress in life. If we want to make our dreams happen, be willing to do things differently, we can easily reach in the goals.

For example, a teacher teaches well in the classroom. He works hard to teach. As a result 100% student passed in his/her subject. That is the output of excellence work of the teacher and student too. School that is able to provide better and quality education to the children that is their excellence.

There is the measurement method of excellence work of the employee and organization. For example, in my organization Hetauda Sub-metropolitan City Office, Hetauda, Nepal, Every year our organization provided the prize on the occasion of muni council for best employee of the year which is based on the performance of his/her work. Those people who work excellence, he/she will get prize. In the same way, previously Nepal government also measures the performance of municipality. They make some measurement points and send evaluation team to each municipality to the whole working and service delivery performance evaluation. At last, those municipalities who get highest marks, they are provided some grants. Here, we can say that an organization’s performance is related to employee’s performance.

To do the best work, employee and organization both of them have their own role and responsibilities. Human resource planning and development, provide motivation in workplace, job satisfaction, poor work culture, organization decisions are some points which is related to the employee’s work excellence. If there is lack of capacity enhancement of the employees, they are not satisfied with the job. If the organization’s decision is behind the employees and the working environment is not good, the employees never happy with their job. If they are not happy and unhealthy, they cannot do well and the result may be negative.

Excellence of work is related to the job performance of the employees’. To do the best work job satisfaction is compulsory in every organization. In general, satisfied employees are more likely to remain in a position and to avoid absences than are dissatisfied employees. To improve performance in the area of customer satisfaction there should be a clear positive relationship between an organization which successfully implements excellence and higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale. Engagement was the most significant driver of an organization’s excellence journey. Job absence is very much a part of job performance. Employees are not performing effectively if they do not even come to work. So, happiness at work is also compulsory for the excellence work. In the same way, teamwork also one of the parts of excellence works. Teamwork is the group effort to reach the goal. It increases cooperativeness among coworkers which help to exchange our ideas and thoughts each other. Besides them personally, we have to do following things for better performance in the workplace.
• Match behavior with value
• We have to learn from mistakes. Mistakes is also the one the feedback for success in life.
• We have to honest in our work and do the work with kindly.
• Take responsibilities for the action
• Be willing to do things differently
• Live your best life
• Make relationship with coworkers
• Manage your time or work life balance

If we work excellence, there are the benefits of excellence on employees and organizations too. To sustainability and growth and development of the organization, better performance is needed. Because it is related to financial performance and the goals of the objectives. Some of the positive impacts of the excellence work on employees are presented below;
• It is the opportunities to develop personal as well as professional development of the employees. There is the chance of promotion and new opportunities too.
• If we perform better in work then we will be success in work. If we are success, we don’t have to go other to search the job or our boss can’t say out from the job. The job is sustainable and the employment is stable.
• Job excellence develops our knowledge and experience as well as builds character. It helps us to getting result than we satisfied in our job. If we satisfied in job, our health is also good. There is not any stress problem too.
• It develops pride, reputation and makes us happier as well as healthier. Health is wealth. If we are healthy in life, we can do better.
• It enhances career path. It develops knowledge and skills about the work. In every organization who has knowledge and skills and perform better, he/she will be promoted as soon rather than others.
• Every people or organization, they have their own goals. If we success in life, we can easily get the individual as well as organization’s goals. So, reach the goal is also one of the benefits of excellence work.
• It develops ownership and empowerment and growth and development of the employee and organization.
• The financial performance as well as service performance is easily recognition. It helps to earn money. From which we can fulfill the desire of the family.
• When we draw attention on job and whatever we do, do it from our heart then output will be different. That is excellence. In our family, community or in organization when we do best work at that time most of the people blesses us. So, blesses from others is also one of the benefit of excellence work.

However, some employee have negative minded. Some time they said, if we work hard or not there is not any effect in our salary. Our salary is not decreased. For that task analysis as well as reward and punish is needed. Task analysis is the process of learning about ordinary users by observing them in action to understand in detail how they perform their tasks and achieve their intended goals.

Every person has talent. We have to give chance to perform their talent. In some organization, the employees have not given any chance to perform. For example; A person who have the knowledge about account but he has given the task of information section. He/she can do in this section but if he/she has given chance to perform in account section; he/she can perform better in comparison to the information section. So, right man, right place and right job is necessary for any organization to do excellence work as well as provide better services.

In a nutshell, Excellence is not being the best. It is doing your best. When we show up, work hard, meet deadlines and make people happy, there is almost no ceiling to the money we can make. Compensation, flexibility, professional development and personal values are related to the job satisfaction. If we satisfied with our job and workplace, we can do well. Doing well is related to the employee’s excellence and organization’s strength. So, I think, just completing the work is not our job. It is about doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well and excellence.

Senior Assistant, Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City, Office of the Municipal Executive

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