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Black Americans’ Plight

प्रकाशित मिति : 20 June, 2020 12:00 pm

Everything isn’t absolutely right between black and white,
The news of George Floyd’s murder suddenly spread overnight,
The so called white Americans regard themselves as knight,
Derek Chauvin, a white police performed an act of hitlerite !

Throughout the American history, racism is taken as blight,
Between the black and the white, there have been bullfights,
American constitution is not only the white people’s copyright,
Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are even the black’s birthright!

Regarding equality, there is no illusion at all in American constitution,
To stop all the discriminations, even the UN has passed many resolutions,
Even after enforcement of these laws, why do the blacks suffer persecution?
After the present heinous crime of racism, the blacks have started revolution!

Abraham Lincoln imagined equality between the black and the white in streetlight,
As per his desire, it is very tough to find equality between them even in torchlight,
The black and the white people in America don’t go for a walk together at twilight,
The protection and preservation of the black people’s rights is still in searchlight!

The American people elected their 44th president as Barack Obama,
During his tenure, he eliminated different kinds of American dogma,
Unfortunate killing of George Floyd pushed the black people in trauma,
Black people are treated as refugees in their own home like Dalai Lama!

Settling the issue of George Floyd’s murder is a tough task for Trump,
In his presidential period, this homicide suddenly came as a big bump,
His inability to handle this unrest will definitely prove him a great lump,
In coming presidential election, this event alone will blow out his stump!

As true patriots, the black Americans also give their national flag a peck,
Derek Chauvin, a white police killed George Floyd kneeling on his neck,
This brutal act of Floyd’s killing came in political arena as a great heck,
The 40 years old black man took his last breath under police van’s deck!

George Floyd! Your brutal and unfortunate murder is not right,
You got murdered by the police man, whose colour of skin is white,
The so called American police custody turned in your murder site,
Your brutal murder is enough to describe black Americans’ plight!

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