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The ‘Jalsamadhi’of a Pregnant Elephant!!!

प्रकाशित मिति : 6 June, 2020 6:46 pm

Alas! The cruel humanity witnessed ‘Jalsamadhi’ of an Elephant,

Of Silent Valley Forest in Kerala, India, she was a queen regnant,

The dominant and innocent jungle queen, not alone, but was pregnant,

At her brutal killing, the human beings showed feeling of indignant!


She died biting a huge pineapple that was filled with lots of crackers,

The ill fated elephant couldn’t sense the designed plot of cruel trackers,

Her precious life wouldn’t go, had there been enough presence of caretakers

Safeguarding the wild lives must be major duty and concern of lawmakers!


She-an ill fated elephant took the heavenly ‘Jalsamadhi’ in the Velliyar river,

Hey, Almighty God ! You didn’t know? A baby she was just about to deliver,

Without stepping on the earth, her cute growing baby stopped breathing forever,

My question to the human kind, why didn’t the cruel murderers’ hands shiver?


Her brutal, pathetic and untimely killing is a forgivable act of human cruelty,

Such incidents of killing of the innocent animals expose the humans’ vanity,

Whosoever involved in her killing, in no way, can hide their real insanity,

Culprit mass murderers involved in her killing must be punished apparently!


What could she do to save herself and her rapidly growing baby in the womb?

When, in the pineapple, the mass murderers planted lots of crackers’ bomb,

Forever, being still and stiff, she along with her baby is sleeping in the tomb,

About the wild animal rights, why the human beings have become so dumb?


All over the world, incidents of killing the innocent wild animals so prevail,

By implementation of laws of wild animals, such incidents we can curtail,

With their existence on this vast earth, many advantages we all can avail,

For safeguarding the wild animals, You, I, and We must together travail!

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