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On the blank street

प्रकाशित मिति : 22 May, 2021 7:47 am

Corona virus has been affecting the world rapidly since 2019. No countries were able to deny its rapid flow. 16.4 crore people have been affected and 34.3 lakh people have died from this virus till now.

Last year the corona virus hit the surface of our country, Nepal too. It was around the final examinations of class 6. Me and my friends have not met ever since that time. The lockdown started and people started panicking. This kind of epidemic never happened in our country afterall.

Due to this reason all the schools shut down even after the vacation was over. I thought the situation would be fine soon but it didn’t happen. The session started at late Ashad. Our studies started in a way we never thought it would happen-through online class. I had fun for few weeks but I realized it’s never fun without seeing my friends and teachers physically. We would have learned a lot if we were in school but we missed them.

It’s been more than a year today. I have given my grade 7thfinalexam through online as well. This year everything we studied and learned, all thanks to online classes. We managed to study through online classes but many other students like me haven’t got the chance to study at all since they study in government schools who have less facilities comparing to us the private ones. Today, the 24th day of lockdown of the second phase, my mom asked me for going on a ride to her office. I was bored staying at home so I agreed.

We travelled and on the way I noticed the roads were all blank. Only some vehicles like the ambulance and people with emergency situations were moving.

The roads were clear and the air was clean. The beautiful Jacaranda trees full of purple blooms was extremely attractive. No vehicles were moving so there was no pollution. I saw a lot of police uncles and aunties on the way. They were there for checking on vehicles who were moving around without any emergency situation.

We didn’t go way too far after reaching the office because it wasn’t a situation to roam around carelessly and everyone knew about it well.

We were heading towards home through Gaushala’s road. I saw a lot of smoke coming from Pashupatinath temple area. My mom told the cause was burnt dead bodies of people who were affected by corona virus. I felt sad thinking about them and I pray for all those people who are suffering from it as well. To the people who are not affected from corona virus, I request them to not roam around without mask carelessly in streets without any emergency situation.

After this short travel we returned back home. With necessary precautions, we can overcome the trauma that we are facing. Let’s be strong and happy and hope for this to be over soon.Health is very important so let’s focus and care about it. Thank you!!


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