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Let’s read Books!

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Just like films have different genres, books also have them. Different people read different books for different purposes. However, all books have one similar use- they are all used for learning. They are one of the most used source for gaining knowledge. The students like me study from books in order to learn about various things and pass in exams. The same story of the book we read in our classes may have been taken out from another book which is used for different purpose by other peoples.

Books have different genres- adventure, fantasy, political, religious, biography, auto-biography, and books used for educational purposes normally available in schools. I have many books in my home. My mom and dad have their own taste in books. They study books related with our country, politics, and economy.

 I am totally different compared to them when it comes to books. I really like books that include stories of adventure and fantasy and I have many books like them as well. I have almost all of the special edition books of Geronimo stilton’s adventure series. I have read all of them. They are very interesting and adventurous. The book cupboard includes books from my another favorite writer R.L Stine who is author of famous Goosebumps book.

I have read 3 books from him. His books include horror, adventure and fantasy so it’s triple times fun. I also have book from the author which you all most probably know about- JK Rowling. She’s author of Harry Potter’s Book. I have one of her book from the series.It’s still to be completed. I have books from Thea Stilton as well. She is sister of Geronimo stilton. I have read both of their adventure series books. Most of them are completed.

I bought most of the books from Ekta bookstore which is located at Kumaripati. I bought the remaining other books from Patan bookstore. I request you all to buy these books from nearby bookstores if you are interested.

Instead of spending time leisurely, you can buy or read the books in your home. You can also read books from various educational websites in google. They will help you in learning many things and dive into the world of imagination. Books will keep you creative and enhance your learning. They are very helpful for us.

However, students like us should focus on our course books and read extra books for extra knowledge in different educational topics.

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