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Before you MARRY

प्रकाशित मिति : 5 May, 2020 2:31 pm

Anyone, who attends your wedding party, wishes you a ‘Happy Married Life’. You collect blessings whole day for beautiful companionship, intimacy, stability, and family. Scholars say marriage seems to acquire you a decade or more of happiness. Marriage is the most intimate union to share your happiness and sadness.

You fall into the societal reasons and rush to get married. Almost all of your friends are now married. You are fed up with wedding queries from your relatives. Your parent wants grand children. Married people recommend you to make baby before thirty. You believe, you won’t find rich and handsome/beautiful spouse after your thirty’s. Probably one out of these!

Worst of all, these conditional bonding may lead to loveless marriage. People regard staying in an unhappy marriage as a ‘tragedy’. You experience disappointment, strife, turmoil, conflict and depression. You are increasingly more attracted to other people and have extra marital affairs. You start having divorce fantasies.

If you ask me the right time to marry, that’s when you are motivated by love not by circumstances. You choose the best compliment to partner the lifetime companionship. You heartily accept each other and share same values. You have mutual depth of love and desire for one another. So, truly want to spend the rest of life with. However, marriage should be a choice, not a requirement!

Hundreds of married people say, ‘Compromise is a necessary part of successful marriage’. How could it not be? You want yellow paint in the house, and your partner wants to paint with blue. So, green it is. You like Golden Retriever and she/he loves German Shepherd. Then, you pet Golden Shepherd. You are fond of watching action movies, she/he loves comedy series. You end up watching action comedy. Tonight, you love to party every Friday like nineteen ninety nine, your spouse likes to leave at seven pm. You solve your problem leaving at eight pm.

How long will you adjust or balance? One is serious, other is cool. One is simple, other is fashion conscious. One is ambitious, other is lazy. One likes countryside, other like to live in urban sprawl. One is meatatarian, other is vegan. One is spiritual, other is sensual. You compare your goal with partners’ to see which one is significant, leaves you dissatisfied. Thus, you learn to sacrifice, as your partner’s happiness becomes your first priority!

Marriage combines respect, friendship, trust and understanding. You possess unconditional support and responsibility towards each other. You value your partner for who they are. You open towards the world to accept each other in every way. You are hooked up with a strong feeling that won’t fade away easily. You may be imperfect couple, but you make a perfect combination as you learn to understand and celebrate each other’s differences. You disagree on many things with your partner but you refuse to give up on each other. Wishing all the hitched couple ‘a very happy married life’, we hope marriage be a nice cup of tea we enjoy every morning.

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