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Thinking the role of government after Corona Pandemic

प्रकाशित मिति : 5 May, 2020 6:54 am

Historically, manmade and natural disaster compelled to rethink on the existing governance and role of government. The Corona pandemic is not a novel disaster in the world history. Public health pandemic, world war, economic calamities, natural disaster had framed some deep space in the human history.

Human or natural disasters carry some causes behind it. Some scholars are blaming and claiming that the corona is man-made arsenal. This blame carries some factual causes that the bioweapons can be made. Natural disasters also hold factual causes behind it.

But, the truth in the era is, these all risks are arising due to the policy taken by government and governments. Disaster opens some policy windows on government activity and global governance. First, it recalls the policy problems in existing situation. Second, it seeks new ideas to overcome and mitigation.

We can just analyze the policy footprints of after world wars, economic depression in 1930, oil crisis in different world in different time. Some pandemics i.e. plague. Historically, some lessons are unfolded in such time points.

The first effect of these timepoints seems on government policy. In globalization, the role pf government also comes on the net of global governance. No one country can go in isolation.

Once again, the faith of the government entity is emerged in this time. Plato conveyed to the world about ideal state. In this pandemic, the role of government is expected on his theme. No one is directly acting, except government in this world disaster.

Many economic and social philosophies and isms are also in isolation. For example, socialism, laisses fair, human rights are not properly working in this time. Only the government is working with its public management tools. There is no question how or why? Government is on the bird eye view to save life of their people.

Thinking about economy, the multiplier effect in the in the private production sector will be worsen. Due to the supply chain effect, every corners of the world won’t be free from direct economic effect. In a recent research done by Inoue and Todo, it is pointed that “when Tokyo is locked down for a month, the indirect effect on other regions of the country would be twice as large as the direct effect on Tokyo.” Which is the serious case to be thought. We, developing economies, are not free from this case. Moreover, as a least developed landlocked countries experiencing more pain in worldwide crisis. After the end of this panic pandemic, the manufacturing sector, including small and medium enterprises should put on the front page of policy papers.

After economic liberalization, Nepal left its education and health sector to private hands. As a result, the health infrastructure and hospitality in this pandemic is seemingly frustrating. Private hospitals are not willing to serve people in the huge crisis.

Stepping up from this public health disaster, the role of government, on public health sector will be enlarged after world corona year. The policy may be go up to the nationalization of private health markets.

Accordingly, the poor countries are experiencing on big deal about own citizens who are working as expatriates in developed world. They are cursing own governments on delays and ignorance of rescuing them. Is it humanity that the governments who are ignoring expatriates in their country? Or is it fate to them to be ignored?

There are lots of questions and issues emerged in this situation. Humanity of government, effectiveness of government, capacity of government, accountability of government, diplomatic efficiency of government and overall political culture are the themes of questions behind the problems. Wrestling on manufacturing, ultra-nationalism impacts, regional cooperation on trade and transit also can be the thematic areas to rethink in global and state governance. These facts will trigger to redefine the role of government.

So, some of the thinkers are demarking the line of this pandemic to separate the world history timeline. This timeline will separate the policy contents of the global and state governments. One of the basic catalysts of this policy window will be the hinderance on sustainable development goals. Developing worlds were experiencing the lack of funds to execute SDG. According to policy paper Nepal is already lacking around six hundred billion rupees per year. On this situation, this pandemic, will result on worst algorithm. So, the pandemic will be the gateway to redefine the role of government to mitigate and prepared for next worldwide disaster.


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