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Wandering cattle control campaign continues

प्रकाशित मिति : ३० आश्विन २०७४, सोमबार १०:५३

Biratnagar, (RSS) — The Biratnagar Metropolitan City has initiated a campaign to control wandering cattle in the city.

The special campaign has been put in place to prevent the movement of stray cattle in busy roads. The campaign is for road safety in which the city guards will take control stray cattle within the metropolis area.

According to Biratnagar metropolis sources, the cattle control campaign has been in place since September 20.

The metropolis roads are seen with the rampant movement of stray cows, goats, pigs and bulls. It has obstructed the operations of vehicles such as city bus and rickshaw on the roads.

So far, the metropolis has taken control 33 stray cow calves and 28 castrated goats, said assistant supervisor of the metropolis, Rewat Dulal

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